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The driver may not stop at the request of the police

The driver may not stop at the request of the police

The new police, as practice shows, for 4 years from the moment of reform, began to be drawn into the old GAI schemes.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous to remind our citizens about the 10 LEGAL requirements for stopping a car. Any other reason that does not fall under this list is not legitimate, writes NewsOboz.org with reference to Accents.

The first and most common cause of a stop is a violation of traffic regulations by a driver.

Next is the presence of signs that indicate an obvious malfunction of the car.

The third reason for the stop involves the participation of the passenger or driver to the accident.

The fourth reason is the orientation, or the statement that your vehicle is wanted.

The fifth reason is the need to interview the driver or passenger if they witnessed an accident.

The sixth reason implies that the driver of the vehicle can be stopped as a witness.

According to the seventh reason, government agencies can accept restrictions or prohibit movement, which also cause you to stop.

Also, you can be stopped if what you are transporting creates interference or danger to other road users.

If you use signals, both light and sound, for which you do not have permission, you can also stop

And finally, the tenth reason implies stopping in order to check license plates for the legality of the transfer of such a car for use or disposal of others.

Source: NewsOboz.org