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Things that should not be left in the car in the winter

Things that should not be left in the car in the winter

    This is better to know.

    Experienced motorists know that it is better not to leave anything in the car. A forgotten bag on the seat or radio can be a bait for a thief, and some things in the trunk can simply be spoiled by cold, or, even worse, turn into explosive objects.

1. Paint.

    If you are going to paint something and carry cans of paint on a water or latex basis, in any case, do not leave them at night in the car. The components that make up most paints are very sensitive to temperature extremes. In the cold, they shrink, and in the heat they rapidly expand, making the paint unusable. So do not be surprised if after a few days in the car in the cold you will see that the paint components have separated, a film or thick sediment has appeared.

2. Technique.

    Leaving expensive equipment unattended is not a good idea at all. Often it is expensive electronics become the cause of hacking cars. However, now it is not about this. The bottom line is that most modern gadgets are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, and they do not tolerate low temperatures. Moreover, sooner or later you will bring them into heat and a sharp temperature drop is inevitable. This will greatly affect the performance of gadgets and may even cause them to fail.

3. Mineral water.

    You think that a bottle with ordinary mineral water does not pose any danger. However, cases when a bottle of mineral water exploded in a car is not uncommon. Thus, a 1.5 liter bottle of water freezes in 40-50 minutes, and the ice is known to be wider than water. Because of this, the bottle can simply not stand and explode.

4. Household chemicals.

    Dishwashing liquids, windscreen wipers, disinfectants and powders should be stored at home and not in the trunk of a car. And here it’s not just their mission, but your own safety and the safety of the car. Almost all liquid detergents contain water, and it is known to freeze in the cold. Under the influence of low temperature the bottle can simply break.

    Powders are a bit simpler, they almost always contain surface-active substances and polymers, which are compressed in the cold, and the products lose their cleaning properties. By the way, spray cans with hairspray or paint also pose a threat. Warning, due to the pressure in the cylinder under the influence of low temperatures, the bottle may burst.

5. Conservation.

    Do not forget that in the banks with preservation of water, which is modified under the influence of low temperatures. At best, the night in a cold car will break the tightness of the can and the products will simply deteriorate, at worst, the can will explode.

6. Musical instruments.

    It would seem that happens if you forget the guitar in the car? In fact, no catastrophe will happen, except that the tool will quickly fail. The wood from which the tools are made does not tolerate cold. Varnish can crack in the cold, and the strings are frustrated and torn. If you really love your instrument, try not to forget it in the car.

7. Wine, beer and champagne.

    Many people mistakenly believe that because of their alcohol content, drinks like beer, wine and champagne do not freeze. However, it is not. A night at a minus temperature of 5-6 degrees will make the drinks freeze and, therefore, expand. Everyone imagines how dangerous a glass bottle can be. And with champagne in general, you need to be extremely careful, because of the abundance of gases, the danger of a bottle exploding increases several times.

8. Tablets.

    Fortunately, the drugs do not explode, but due to the disturbed temperature they may lose their medicinal properties. Therefore, all the necessary medicines should be carried with you, and not left to sleep in a cold car.

9. Eggs.

    We are ready to bet that you didn’t suspect that eggs should not be left in the car in winter. No, they will not explode, just lose their tightness. Because of the frost, the shell becomes brittle and cracks, and microbes that can cause serious damage to health get inside the eggs. Even if after a long stay in a cold car on the eggs there are no visible injuries, experts do not recommend eating them.

10. Points.

    Today, good glasses - a very expensive accessory that should be worn in a case, and not throw them in the car. Regular exposure to low temperatures leads to the destruction of the rim.

11. Soda.

    Carbonated drinks in cans - this is a separate issue and a great danger to the car. Do not leave them for long in the cabin on too hot and frosty days. Sudden temperature drops may cause an explosion.

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