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Preparing cars for spring: what should I look for

Preparing cars for spring: what should I look for

For the summer season also need to prepare.

Drivers understand the preparation of the car for the summer season in different ways. For some, it all comes down to a minimum: replacing winter tires with summer tires, installing a new oil filter and pouring oil into the engine. And someone takes this issue much more seriously and spends more time and money.

Interestingly, those who are "lazy" and those who go through the procedure in full are convinced that they are really doing everything necessary. Experts say: just replacing tires and engine oil when preparing a car for the summer is not enough. Undoubtedly, rush to extremes and replace everything in the car "just in case" is not worth it. However, it is possible to replace certain parts that will work even a few seasons without problems. Some need to be changed every spring, and some should be updated only when necessary. So what does belong to the necessary minimum?

“First of all, the wheels and oil should be replaced with the obligatory spring replacement. It also does not hurt to assess the condition of rubber and discs. After high-quality balancing, the wheels can be considered suitable for quite difficult summer conditions. Replace and all filters: oil, air, fuel. Be sure to wash the car in order to wash off the remains of the road salt and remove the mud "shirt", which can seriously disrupt the engine's heat transfer and cause it to overheat. "

The car body must be thoroughly cleaned not only at the top and bottom, but also in the trunk and the cabin. It is important not just to remove the dirt, wash off the salt, but also how to dry the car. After washing it would be good to ride for a few days with the stove turned on, sending air to the legs. Car body does not hurt polishing or waxing. This will protect the paint and please the eye.

Diagnostics should be carried out in specialized workshops, and even better - at certified service stations and modern equipment, “honed” under the brand of your car. If the driver himself can cope with the minimally necessary operations to prepare the car for the summer season, then only professionals can perform a competent diagnosis. And the fact that diagnosis is necessary is obvious. You need to check the suspension, steering, brake system, etc. - all that has to do with security. However, before you go to the service station, do not be lazy to inspect the car yourself. Look, if there are any backlash, you can’t hear a knock on the undercarriage, pay attention to the hoses, oil does not leak, and also in what condition are the shock absorbers. Still worth a look at the brake pads and timing belt. The battery also requires attention. In order for the battery to last long and reliably, you need to check its charge. If necessary, charge up to a maximum of a special device. In older structures, you may need to check the electrolyte level and topping up with distilled water. You should not neglect these procedures. In warm weather, the engine is easy to start up and from a battery discharged to 75%, but the service life in such a state is much less.

With the onset of heat inspection of the engine is required. Indeed, the temperature drops in winter lead to wear of its elastic elements. Plastic and rubber parts lose their properties. All this leads to loss of tightness. Technical fluids (oil, coolant) may leak. This engine must be dry and clean. If you find smudges, immediately contact the service center, otherwise the engine will fail.

Better yet, use the car rental service, the car is always ready for use for all seasons of the year, and all the trouble lies with the company, and you save your time for more important things.