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How in hot weather to escape from overheating in a car
What happens in the cabin of the car left under the sun? It has been repeatedly said why it is impossible to leave children in the car in summer. The s
The driver may not stop at the request of the police
The new police, as practice shows, for 4 years from the moment of reform, began to be drawn into the old GAI schemes.Therefore, it will not be superfluous to remind our citizens about
Preparing cars for spring: what should I look for
For the summer season also need to prepare.Drivers understand the preparation of the car for the summer season in different ways. For some, it all comes down to a minimum: replacing winter tires with
How to brake in the winter on slippery roads - with ABS and without ABS
Winter and ice on the roads - this is the most dangerous time for drivers. Due to the lack of full traction wheels with the road surface, the car starts to behave inadequately at high speeds. If there
Things that should not be left in the car in the winter
    This is better to know.    Experienced motorists know that it is better not to leave anything in the car. A forgotten bag on the seat or radio can be a bait for a thief, and so
Five drivers mistakes during night driving
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.It often snows, it rains and the road can be slippery. In such conditions, even experienced drivers make mistakes and fall into fatal acc
From January there will be another reason to penalize drivers.
Already after the New Year in Ukraine in the wake of the program, the program is run by a program of verification of certification on all the points at the headquarters for the masters of the master a
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