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How in hot weather to escape from overheating in a car

How in hot weather to escape from overheating in a car
What happens in the cabin of the car left under the sun?

It has been repeatedly said why it is impossible to leave children in the car in summer. The same goes for animals and explosive things.

According to the real test, in the car with the windows closed in just 1.5 hours, the air temperature rises to 60 ° C. If you leave one window ajar - up to 50-53 ° С, and in the case of two windows - up to 45-47 ° С. When the windows are open, the degree of heating of the cabin depends on the wind outside the car. But under direct rays and heat above 30 ° C, a sauna with air temperature up to 80 ° C can form inside the car. Even in the case of open windows, a living organism in the cabin (child, adult or pet is not important) can get a “heat stroke” at best. After a stay in the car under the scorching sun may even be fatal. After all, a person can withstand a temperature in the range of 55-65 ° C for a short time. But there are many factors that affect the tolerance of high temperatures — from humidity to air.

As in hot weather, escape from overheating in a car:

  • Before starting to move, open all windows, and even better - the doors;
  • in order to cool a car hot in the sun, it is better to turn on the recycling mode;
  • in order not to get sick, it is advisable to direct the air flow in the shoulder and / or glass area;
  • optimal temperature in the car - 22 ° C-25 ° C;
  • for a comfortable feeling of driving and not only in the heat it is better to drink about 3 liters of water per day;
  • it is desirable to wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics;
  • do not immediately grab the wheel, sitting in the salon. We must wait for it to cool, especially if it has a leather sheath. Do not immediately and "jump" into the leather seats - under the sun, they can heat up to such an extent that you can get burned. Especially if you sit in shorts or a skirt;
  • Operation of the vehicle in the heat is undesirable, so it is better to go on a long journey in the morning or in the evening;
  • in no case should you leave your child and pets in the car, going shopping or somewhere else;
  • Lighters and deodorants left in the car may explode in the cabin.

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